Greek Community remembers fallen TPA sister

A week ago,  SAE and the rest of the Greek community attended the vigil of fallen Theta Phi Alpha sister Amanda Ludwig, who was tragically lost in a car accident earlier this month.  The vigil took place at Showalter fountain and began at 9-o-clock.  Amanda’s sorority “bigs” and Amanda’s uncle were among those to speak at this somber event.  TPA president Madi Taylor made one of the best points of the night in saying “Amanda may have been an only child, but she left this Earth with over 100 sisters”.

It’s been a tough year for the IU Greek Community.  With the loss of our brother Sajaad Syed, ZTA sister Kelly Hackendahl, Delta Chi brother Brian MacLafferty and now Amanda, it’s important for us to stay strong and unified.  It’s times like these that the Greek community can rally and really show what it means to be a member of such a large organization.  The spirit of togetherness and the memory of our fallen members can propel the IU community forward or we can do nothing and continue being stagnant as a whole.

As Quals and Little 5 approach, it’s important to remember the roots and foundations of our respective fraternities and sororities.  If each house only thinks for themselves, how can we expect anything to improve as a whole?  Take some time to think of your fellow greeks and hopefully we learn that life is indeed precious.


SAE’s Remember Brother Sajaad Syed at Indiana University Oasis Candlelight Vigil

Sajaad Syed

On August 19th, 2014, the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were shocked when we were informed of the death of our beloved brother, Sajaad “Jazz” Syed.
The news was unbelievable, especially in the middle of the summer, when many of us had not seen each other for several months.  Sajaad had just been elected to the Public Relations Chairman position in our fraternity, and it was difficult to fathom that his incredibly likeable personality would no longer be a feature in our house.  No one could light up a room with laughter like Jazz, and we continue to miss him deeply to this day.

On Thursday, October 23rd, the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma traveled to the Wittenberger Auditorium to partake in the Oasis Memorial service.  Although no event could fully commemorate Sajaad’s life, the men of SAE wanted to show their respect in any way possible. Vigil 1Speakers and musicians commemorated the lives lost, and the event concluded with an outdoor candlelight vigil. Our chapter can never fully say good-bye to our fallen brother, but acts such as these allow us to pay him the respect he deserves.

Although a young man like Sajaad can never be completely forgotten, his departure has only served to strengthen the bonds within our chapter.  Sigma Alpha Epsilon will continue to foster an unbreakable brotherhood, and we hope that nothing like this will ever happen again.DSC_1217