Gamma’s Fence Project

The most recent product of SAE’s ambition of consistent improvement is the completion of a fence in the back courtyard of our Indiana Gamma chapter. Constructed entirely by members of the chapter, this fence adds both visual appeal and functionality to what was previously just a parking lot.The construction took just over a month, and required a significant amount of hard-work and dedication, but eventually produced an admirable addition to the chapter.

SAE Indiana Gamma Fence

The first step in the creation of the fence was to dig the holes that would eventually hold the fence posts in place. After the holes were completed, and the posts securely fixed in them, the next step was attaching the fence panels, which are 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall. To assure that the panels were securely fixed to the posts, we used bolts on the top and bottom thirds of the panels. These bolts were drilled through both the panels and the posts. At this point, all of the panels were in place, and the only task that remained was to create 3 gates and add lattice onto the top of the panels to add a professional look to the fence. The lattice was fairly straightforward; it was attached to the excess height on the posts that rose above the top of the fence panels. After that, we attached 2x4s across the top to create a frame for the lattice. To create the gates, we took the same panels used for the body of the fence (to retain uniformity) and cut these in half. We added hinges to the outsides, and carefully measured the lengths to prevent the gates from closing improperly. After that, we added the locks to the interior of the gate and the construction was complete aside from minor additions to refine the style of the fence.IMG_1880

Since the completion of this project, there have been several examples of instances that reinforced our theory of the fence’s positive impact on the chapter. First of all, the fence creates a separation between the courtyard and the parking lot, creating a location where everyone would rather spend their time. Not only that, but it created the perfect atmosphere for our philanthropy event “Bonnamu” that we hosted with Phi Mu, which was extremely successful and raised a significant amount of money for the Children’s Miracle Network organization. Our ability to close certain gates and provide only one entrance exponentially increased the organization of the event because it allowed us to concentrate the flow of guests to one location. Overall, the decision to add a fence to Gamma has already proved worthwhile.


Gamma Gives Back at Indiana University Dance Marathon

Indiana University is well known for its philanthropic activity on campus, and the Indiana University Dance Marathon has become one of the main reasons for this recognition.  IUDM is a student organization that raises money for the Riley Hospital for Children, and this year, participants went above and beyond, raising over $3.2 million.  As the second largest student-run organization in the US, IUDM 2014 shattered the total from the year before by an astonishing $600k.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s involvement in this year’s event consisted of a large upgrade in the amount of participants, as well as in the amount of money raised.  Grant Schultz, a member of the Corporate Relations committee, raised over $17k on his own, earning him the award for the marathon’s highest fundraiser.  Although committee members’ totals do not officially count towards the team’s total, Grant’s representation of the fraternity did not go unnoticed as he received this prestigious award.

Gamma was a valuable member of the Green Team during the marathon, raising over $53k behind the passionate encouragement of Morale Committee member, Ian Baques.  The sophomore constantly expressed his enthusiasm for IUDM and its cause throughout the Fall 2014 semester, and his leadership, as well as the team’s commitment, eventually led to the chapter receiving the award for being the Most Improved Organization.

SAE Indiana Gamma looks to build on a great experience by becoming even more involved in the dance marathon.  Many members of the chapter seek to become committee members during the coming months, with more than 15 committees available for consideration.  With 2014’s edition in the books, Gamma looks forward to what will undoubtedly be another unforgettable experience at IUDM 2015.



Sigma Alpha Epsilon Performs in Zeta’s Big Man on Campus

SAE BMOC TeamOn Friday night October 24th at the IU Auditorium was ZTA’s Big Man On Campus talent show. Every year, Zeta Tau Alpha hosts this philanthropic event to raise money for the battle against breast cancer. Indiana University family, friends, alumni, and local businesses all donate to help support the BMOC cause. Over the last four years the women of Zeta Tau Alpha have raised over $700,000 through the Big Man on Campus event, including over $200,000 raised Friday night. All of the funds raised from BMOC 2014 will be donated to the NFL Pink Ribbon Project and to Dr. Milan Radovich at the IU School of Medicine for his research towards chemotherapy with breast cancer patients.

BMOCThe BMOC event lasted a total of 3 hours and consisted of 24 competitors with a half time show presented by In-Line Dance Studio and a closing act by the male acapella group Another Round. Acts ranged from a singing and dancing routines.

Within the 24 total acts, there were only a few that really got the crowd going.  And finally there was SAE who wowed the crowd with their stellar dance moves. By far, SAE had the best dance routine of the night. Each brother in the dance act had their own solos that electrified the crowd. In addition to the solos, ladies’ man Kaleb Sullen jumped out into the crowd in a wild display of athleticism.

BMOC2In the end; however, SAE’s donation level was not high enough to earn them any placement in the top three, but after the event it was clear they had left their mark on the crowd, many of whom could not stop praising the act.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma was glad to have an opportunity to support a good cause, and show off their special abilities.

SAEs Volunteer at Color Run

On Friday, members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma spent the morning volunteering at the Jill Behrman Color the Campus 5k.  The brothers worked from 9 AM until the race’s conclusion at noon, primarily at the water stations and as guides for the course.  The experience was rewarding for most, as they got to enjoy nice fall weather helping out their local community.  However, one brother was injured during the race as he was stung by a bee while volunteering.  While the bee’s intent is unknown, the brother’s spirits were not wavered, and he continued to hand out water despite this aggravating and terribly timed injury.

The race is done in memory of IU student Jill Behrman, who was killed during a bike ride.  The JB5k is in it’s 14th year and continues to be a big event at IU in the fall.
Color Run 1And now, please enjoy a full slide show of “Selfies Taken with Runners” during the race, by brother Ryan Nelson.

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SAEs Give Back by Coaching Local Youths

Andrew Jent helps players understand the fundamentals of the game.

Andrew Jent helps players understand the fundamentals of the game.


Community service has always been a staple of SAE’s Indiana Gamma Chapter, and many members have taken the opportunity to coach children’s soccer at the Monroe County YMCA.  Brothers have been coaching for well over a month in multiple age groups.  YMCA Youth and Adult Sports Coordinator, Chris Jones, has been very optimistic about working with Indiana Gamma for some time, as multiple upperclassmen have a history working with such programs in the past.  Seniors Nate Keyton and Andrew Jent both have previous work coaching in the YMCA’s youth soccer leagues, influencing others to participate this semester.

Brothers of all ages have been thoroughly enjoying their participation in this fall’s youth league.   Rob Payne, a sophomore member who coaches Team Italy in the 5/6 year age group, had great things to say about the program as he explained his experience midway through the season. “I was really excited to get involved with the children in the community when Nate (Keyton) brought the opportunity to our attention.  Since I enjoyed working with children for the majority of the summer and played soccer my entire life, it seemed like the perfect way for me to give back,” he said.

Many members plan to continue their service with the Monroe County YMCA through other service opportunities.  While the youth soccer league still has a few weeks remaining in its season, many positions in coaching different sports will present themselves in the coming months.  With these positions, SAE Indiana Gamma hopes to remain involved with Bloomington’s youth for the foreseeable future.

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Dad’s Weekend Recap

Another great Dad’s weekend came to a close Sunday morning, as proud SAE father’s departed for their homes after a fun weekend with their sons.  This Dad’s weekend featured an exciting poker night, a fun tailgate , and a blow-out victory for the Hoosier football team.

On Friday night, dads arrived and got to play poker with their sons at the house.  Brothers and their fathers played black jack, poker, and various other casino games putting their own money on the line.  The night was meant for more than just a little competitive fun; however, as 10% of the winnings went to the Children’s Miracle Network.  SAE Indiana Gamma raised $670 through the event.

Jake with DadOn Saturday, the boys and their dads woke up bright and early to go tailgating before the Indiana Football game.  Brothers and dads had a great time with the ladies of Alpha Omega Pi and their fathers.  The tailgate featured lots of good food and cigars supplied by brother Grant Pendry.  The football game was a blowout, with IU winning 49-24.  The team was led by Tevin Coleman’s 150 yards rushing and 2 TDs and Shane Wynn’s 127 receiving yards and 2 scores, coming on catches of 76 and 45 yards.

Nate and Dad

Dad’s weekend was a big success for SAE.  The brotherhood saw a home football win with their dads and raised almost $700 for our national charity as well.  We can’t thank our dads enough for making this weekend one of the best of the year thus far!


Dad’s Weekend at SAE

The weekend of October 3rd and 4th marks SAE’s Dad’s Weekend.  Numerous activities have been planned for the dads and brothers, primarily the IU Football game and Casino night.

IU Football

IU (2-2) squares off against North Texas (2-2) of Conference USA.  A lot of brothers and fathers will be attending the game and subsequent tailgate.  This non-conference battle will be IU’s last non-conference game of the year, and should be considered a must-win for the team.  This event will provide some great entertainment for brothers and their families.

Casino Night Philanthropy

The brothers in SAE will be hosting a casino night for their dads, but with a twist. 10% of the pot will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network, SAE’s primary charity.  This allows for brothers and their dads to help raise money for charity while having some fun.

Most importantly, Dad’s weekend is a time for brothers to be reunited with their family, so we expect some good times to be had!  We’re always glad to see a house full of proud fathers and even some alumni. A great weekend to look forward to.  We’ll have recap of the events and any earnings from the casino night by next week.