Gamma Learns to Dance

With another successful year in the books, Indiana Gamma had many successes to reflect on and be proud of, having made great academic and social progress as well as recruiting two fantastic new member classes that show incredible promise. For one graduating senior, however, one part of his experience in the chapter stuck out like no other.

Kaleb Sullen graduated this year and plans to begin teaching physical education at Park Tudor School in Indianapolis, before eventually moving to teach abroad and join his family in Switzerland. Sullen joined the chapter as a sophomore transferring from Franklin College, and since then he has been heavily involved with the chapter as the serenade choreographer. Talking with Sullen about his time working on the serenades, his enthusiasm was evident, he called it “one of his favorite experiences at IU,” and “a great opportunity to meet each new member class and learn their persona.” According to Sullen, “We offer a less traditional serenade with more emphasis on dancing, and it brings something different to the table that sororities love.” He hopes to see the chapter continue to push the limits of their creativity long after he is gone and for everyone to “keep having fun with it, that’s the most important thing.”

Kaleb’s contributions to the chapter were strongly appreciated and the overwhelming sentiment is that he will be sorely missed. Speaking with freshman Brian LaManna, who played a major role in coordinating with sororities to organize the serenades, his praise for Kaleb echoed the sentiments of the entire chapter. “Kaleb Sullen is a class act” he explained, pointing out that “in a time when many seniors grew distant in their involvement with the house, Kaleb continued to step up and do meaningful work to help us, gaining everyone’s respect in the process.” With his help, both semesters of serenades were massive successes this year and Brian acknowledged that he had Kaleb to thank for helping make his job easy. “Serenades represent a great opportunity to spread our wings socially and meet some fantastic girls,” Brian explained, “but at the same time, just participating in serenades was such an exhilarating feeling. Being able to be goofy and grow closer with my brothers was such an incredible experience”.

Freshman John Graves will be taking over for Sullen as the main coordinator for serenades next fall, and with the recruitment of an excellent Xi class, there is no doubt that serenades will continue to be another aspect of what makes SAE Indiana Gamma unique and noteworthy on campus.

The serenade maestro himself, Kaleb Sullen

The serenade maestro, Kaleb Sullen


Sigma Alpha Epsilon Performs in Zeta’s Big Man on Campus

SAE BMOC TeamOn Friday night October 24th at the IU Auditorium was ZTA’s Big Man On Campus talent show. Every year, Zeta Tau Alpha hosts this philanthropic event to raise money for the battle against breast cancer. Indiana University family, friends, alumni, and local businesses all donate to help support the BMOC cause. Over the last four years the women of Zeta Tau Alpha have raised over $700,000 through the Big Man on Campus event, including over $200,000 raised Friday night. All of the funds raised from BMOC 2014 will be donated to the NFL Pink Ribbon Project and to Dr. Milan Radovich at the IU School of Medicine for his research towards chemotherapy with breast cancer patients.

BMOCThe BMOC event lasted a total of 3 hours and consisted of 24 competitors with a half time show presented by In-Line Dance Studio and a closing act by the male acapella group Another Round. Acts ranged from a singing and dancing routines.

Within the 24 total acts, there were only a few that really got the crowd going.  And finally there was SAE who wowed the crowd with their stellar dance moves. By far, SAE had the best dance routine of the night. Each brother in the dance act had their own solos that electrified the crowd. In addition to the solos, ladies’ man Kaleb Sullen jumped out into the crowd in a wild display of athleticism.

BMOC2In the end; however, SAE’s donation level was not high enough to earn them any placement in the top three, but after the event it was clear they had left their mark on the crowd, many of whom could not stop praising the act.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma was glad to have an opportunity to support a good cause, and show off their special abilities.