Spring Father/Son ceremony conducted

With spring around the corner and the weather finally showing some life,  Indiana Gamma held it’s father/son ceremony for it’s newest initiates, the Nu class.  The ceremony took place at the house, held by Eminent Herald Jacob Wainwright and officiated by Member Educator Scott Kincannon and Eminent Archon Nick Martell.  The process went smoothly, and Wainwright had the following to say: “I was very pleased with the ceremony and I look forward to watching the relationship between mentor and mentee grow with time”.

Without further ado, here’s the list of fathers and their corresponding sons.

Kyle  Schultz Dylan Wendel
Stephen Bonica Drew Miller
Noah Roush Ryan Tuffnell
JamesMantz Ryan Beck
Arjun Sridhar Joe Krahulik
Thomas Newlin Blake Biesen
Andrew Johnson Andy Foster
Colby Stewart Derek Shireman
Nicholas Loughlin Evan Baker
Dan Wilkerson Mike Montgomery
John Padgett Taylor Bezotte
Will Torres Jack Rohrer
Ian Baques Griffin Oakes
Dom Bale George Duffy
Ryan Schroeck Geoff Ferguson
Jack Binzer Michael Rastovic
Joe Gralak Evan Morris
Rob Payne Jackson Tomchek
Nick Prewitt Brian LaManna
Brennan Haug Anthony Nasti
Matt Delaney Pat Hennessy
Matthew Marconcini Sean Marks

And some pictures of the new families.


2015 Eminent Archon Institute

The 2015 Eminent Archon Institute was held in Chicago the weekend of January 9th, hosted by Eminent Supreme Archon Brad Cohen and the Supreme Council. The Institute hosted all presidents and vice-presidents of SAE chapters from all over the country including Indiana Gamma’s own vice-president, Alex Williams.

The EA Institute was structured so that participants would leave with the knowledge and tools to be successful as leaders of their chapters. Williams gained a lot from the many seminars and meetings he attended stating “It was eye opening to see the different problems we face as a national fraternity and with the other SAE’s our size. It was interesting to see how they tackled their problems and many of those solutions will be able to be applied to our chapter in the future.”

“The best thing was when they broke into smaller groups with other chapters, it was cool to hear about the other philanthropies and how they go about certain things that would definitely help our chapter moving forward.” Williams was able to share the unique success of Indiana Gamma since moving into the new chapter house on North Jordan.