Dad’s Weekend at SAE

The weekend of October 3rd and 4th marks SAE’s Dad’s Weekend.  Numerous activities have been planned for the dads and brothers, primarily the IU Football game and Casino night.

IU Football

IU (2-2) squares off against North Texas (2-2) of Conference USA.  A lot of brothers and fathers will be attending the game and subsequent tailgate.  This non-conference battle will be IU’s last non-conference game of the year, and should be considered a must-win for the team.  This event will provide some great entertainment for brothers and their families.

Casino Night Philanthropy

The brothers in SAE will be hosting a casino night for their dads, but with a twist. 10% of the pot will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network, SAE’s primary charity.  This allows for brothers and their dads to help raise money for charity while having some fun.

Most importantly, Dad’s weekend is a time for brothers to be reunited with their family, so we expect some good times to be had!  We’re always glad to see a house full of proud fathers and even some alumni. A great weekend to look forward to.  We’ll have recap of the events and any earnings from the casino night by next week.


Brother Spotlight: Daniel Gushin

This is the first installment of the Brother Spotlights for the 2014-2015 school year. Today’s feature is Brother Daniel Gushin, a sophomore initiated in the Lambda class.

Why did you join SAE?

I joined because I wanted a group of friends to last a lifetime, and a group of people who could help me better myself.  I think that it truly makes the campus feel smaller and contributed to creating the college experience I had envisioned for myself.

What’s your major and intended career path?

I am a undecided major in the Kelley School of Business with a minor in psychology.  Even thought I am undecided, I think a career in consulting is something I would find interesting.

Are you involved inside and outside of the fraternity?

I am on the housing and scholarship committees within the house, and outside of the fraternity, I am most involved with the IU Bowling Team.

How has bowling for IU affected you?

Joining the bowling team has been a solely positive experience.  It has created a competitive outlet for me, an enjoyable game to play for the rest of my life, and it keeps me in shape for intramural season.

Daniel Gushin Brother Spotlight

What areas have SAE improved on since your initiation?

I think that SAE’s presence on campus has grown through the increase in the Gamma chapter’s size, and the chapter member involvement around campus.

I also asked Daniel some fun, supplemental questions.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite flavor of Jello: Orange

Favorite “happy” song: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay — Otis Redding

East Coast or West Coast Rap: East Coast

Preferred outdoor chore: Shoveling snow

Favorite Kardashian: Kendall

Favorite Professional Bowler: Pete Weber

Best part about IU: “It’s just a beautiful place”