Andy Krahulik Takes more Gold

Gamma Cycling was at it again this past week, with the Thursday Night Race Series kicking off at Bill Armstrong Stadium.  This event consists of three separate types of races in which riders use different strategies.  Junior rider Andy Krahulik has been very successful in the series thus far, posting impressive times and leaving the track with a victory in one of the events.  The first race was a scratch race in which there were a set number of laps, and the first to cross the finish line was the winner.  Andy did not compete in this event as he missed the beginning of his race while aiding a female rider who had fallen in the previous race.

In the second event of the night, Andy participated in the “Miss ‘n Out” portion of the series.  In a race that consisted of nearly 25 riders, the last to reach the finish line in each lap was eliminated until there were three riders left.  Krahulik comfortably cracked the top three in his heat, meaning he was part of the final lap that decided the top three positions.  Riding with Andy on the final lap were two members of the Cutters, a well known independent team.  Although he did not come away with gold, Andy posted the fasted lap of the event in a lap that saw him chase down one of the Cutters in the final two hundred meters.

In the third and final event of the evening, points were awarded to riders every five laps depending on their position within the pack.  Andy took full points in the opening fifth of the twenty-five lap race, earning five points towards his eventual total.  Going into the final portion of the event, he had accumulated eight points to set him up for a great final lap that saw him sprint around the rider who had defeated him in the previous race.  With this, Andy again took full points, giving him a grand total of thirteen, which was good enough to bring home the victory.

“Overall, the races went very well.  I felt extremely comfortable on the track and enjoyed racing with everyone”, the junior said.  The Thursday Night Race Series does not count for anything towards the spring season, Andy was quick to note that, “they are helpful for identifying racers and improving riders’ comfort on the track.”  Gamma Cycling will continue training and competing in the months leading up to the race as the team hopes to improve from their finish in the spring.


Cycling Facility Upgrade

Although the beautiful Indiana gamma chapter house that sits at 1115 North Jordan Avenue is only just over a year old, there is always room for improvement. Recently, this improvement came in the bike room. Tired of training in a gray, un-inspiring concrete cell, the team decided to paint the facility, as shown below:

Krahulik painting

Andy Krahulik applies some finishing touches

Jake Hartmeister, a member of the bike team, said, “Before it got painted, it was like training in a closet. Now it feels like training at home”. This upgrade wouldn’t have been possible without the captain of the bike team, Andy Krahulik, bike team member Mitch Sasseman, and brothers Nick Prewitt and Max Douglass. Krahulik created the design, and free-handed the writing on the wall. Douglass was a vital part of the team due to his supervision skills and expert guidance and critiquing. Prewitt, Krahulik, and Sasseman possessed the art skills that came in handy when physically painting the wall.

Max Douglass preps the project.

Max Douglass preps the project.

The chapter thought that painting the bike room would be a good way to give back to the bikers who spend so much hard work and dedication to perfect their craft and bring pride to the chapter. There was also a desire to highlight Indiana Gamma’s unique history and display pride in SAE’s staple colors of gold and purple.

Mitchell Sasseman rolls on some purple paint.

Mitchell Sasseman rolls on some purple paint.

When asked whether the new design will boost team morale, bike team member Arjun Sridhar, responded, “Absolutely, nothing gets me pumped like SAE purple and gold.” This new addition to the bike room will most definitely help in the quest for a little 500 trophy, while also doubling as a great photo op. We’re proud to have provided this enhancement to the house.

Captain Andy Krahulik and cycling team member Arjun Sridhar ride rollers in the newly improved training room.

Captain Andy Krahulik and cycling team member Arjun Sridhar ride rollers in the newly improved training room.


Andy Wittry Commentates at Hoosier Hysteria

Andy with his broadcasting co-hosts.

Andy with his broadcasting co-hosts.

Each year, students at Indiana University look forward to Hoosier Hysteria, the first basketball event of the season. The 15,000+ fans that occupy Assembly Hall begin to line up in the early hours of the morning in anticipation of the chance to get a  preview of their beloved Hoosier basketball team. Hoosier Hysteria serves as a way to hype up the beginning of the new basketball season. Fans pile into Assembly Hall and spectate skits, a 3-point shootout, dunk contest, and scrimmage all which help to introduce the year’s basketball team to students. The annual event gives fans an optimistic view of the season-to-come.

Andy making a point to one of his co-hosts.

Andy adding in some more great information.

SAE’s own brother, junior Andy Wittry, had the great opportunity to partake in the operations of Hoosier Hysteria. Wittry was the color commentator for the event. Color commentators serve as the right-hand-man to the play-by-play commentator, providing extra facts and details about plays and giving statistics and biographical information about the players.

Andy Looking Fly

Andy Wittry: Announcer Extraordinaire

Wittry received news two weeks prior that he would be announcing Hoosier Hysteria. As a freshman, he saw a flyer near the journalism school that had information about broadcasting for the Big 10 Network. Since then, Wittry has broadcasted multiple soccer, baseball, and women’s basketball games. His work with the BTN has enabled him to work all three positions: play-by-play, color commentator, and sideline reporter. Although he is enjoying his time broadcasting for the network, Wittry plans to become a sports reporter upon graduation.   Our chapter is proud to have men like Andy Wittry representing us in such unique and interesting ways.

SAE Bike Team Update October 2014

Andy on Bike

Bike team captain Andy Krahulik never stops training.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s bike team finished 8th in last year’s annual Little 500.  With the 2015 race quickly approaching we decided to meet with the bike team and discuss their progress.  Team captain Andy Krahulik, Junior, discussed the team’s training during the summer: “We did not have any formal training together this summer, but we each trained individually as much as we could to prepare for this year.”

Krahulik personally trained at the Velodrome race track in Indianapolis, concurrently competing in the Kentucky and Indiana state championships.  He managed to bring back 2 bronze, 2 silver, and 2 gold medals with a team of other Indiana University riders.  Bike team members Stephen Bonica, Mitchell Sasseman, Jake Hartmeister, and Arjun Sridhar trained at their personal training facilities in Chicago, Carmel, and Minnesota respectively.

With the start of the fall semester, the team’s training has become more consolidated and scheduled. “Training throughout this semester has been much more rigorous and cosnsistent,” Krahulik iterated, “We each try to put in around 150-200 miles per week.”  The team does weekly group rides to nearby locations, such as Brown County, pushing each other to get better.

In particular, the captain commented on the improvement of one specific member. “Arjun Sridhar has been very passionate and strong this semester,” Krahulik said, “His improvement is indicative of his work ethic and dedication.  He has proven to be one of our better riders as of now.”

Sridhar and the rest of the bike team members brought their A game to multiple events this weekend as a part of the Fall Cycling Series. On Friday team members participated in individual time trials, then on Saturday the Kirkwood street sprints, and finally culminated the weekend with a team cyclocross event. SAE team 2 finished 12th in the cyclocross event.  SAE team 1 finished 24th  Below are each members results:

Andy Krahulik

  • Time Trial: 2:35.72, 3rd overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:16.98, 16th overall

Arjun Sridhar

  • Time Trial: 2:43.05, 26th overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:17.577, 31st overall

Mitchell Sassemen

  • Time Trial: 2:43.60, 29th overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:16.901, 15th overall

Jacob Hartmeister

  • Time Trial: 2:44.36, 31st overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:17.511, 31st overall (broken chain)

Stephen Bonica

  • Time Trial: 2:46.78, 43rd overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:20.101, 70th overall (broken chain)

All of these events were a good gauge of the team’s training progress, and a look at their growth and potential.  Having lost three senior riders after Little 500 last year, it is up to the younger riders to step up to reach their goal of a top 3 finish in the competition.

The bike team will continue to work hard throughout the semester, and plan to travel to Texas for training over Winter Break.

More updates on the bike team will come later this semester.


SAE Athletics Sports Report 2

SAE 1 Flag Football

For the first time in SAE Athletics Sports Report history, we must unfortunately report a loss.  On Wednesday night, SAE 1 lost to Zeta Beta Tau in a heart-breaking game.  Although the squad kept the game within 6 points until the final minute, when ZBT would extend the lead to 13-0.

SAE started the game out with a statement-making goal line stand, but unfortunately couldn’t get any points on the board Thursday night.  The players were ashamed by the loss, and vowed to get back to the fundamentals to avoid any further embarrassment in the future.

SAE Volleyball

The SAE volleyball team had their first game on Thursday night, and started the season off right,  coming home with a triumphant victory over Phi Delta Theta.  Led by captain (and intramural chairman) John Padgett, the team automatically won the first game, as the other team showed up late.

John Padgett, Captain and Intramural Chairman

John Padgett, Captain and Intramural Chairman

In the second game, Sigma Alpha Epsilon took an early lead behind dead-eye serving from brother John Wahoski.  Big men Jake England and Reid Brinkoetter also had stellar blocks on the front line, but the team fell in the second game, 30-27.  In the match-deciding third game, SAE would come out victorious, led by Trevor Poplewko, who, according to teammate Raul Lopez, “Was serving straight hot fire. Two or three times I didn’t even see the volleyball until it hit the ground on the other side of the net.”  Captain John Padgett would end the game with a vicious kill from the back row, sending Phi Delta Theta packing.

Trevor Poplewko, showing that his net game is strong, in more than one.

Trevor Poplewko, showing that his net game is strong in more than one way

SAE Brothers Cheer Brother Femi Hollinger-Janzen to Victory

SAE Indiana Gamma shows up in support of their brother.

SAE Indiana Gamma shows up in support of their brother.

On Wednesday night, SAE Brothers came out in numbers to support brother Femi Hollinger-Janzen as he played in the biggest game of the season thus far for Indiana University Men’s soccer. The team, currently ranked 11th in the nation, was taking on 8th-ranked Saint Louis University in a fiery match-up.

Led by Loyalty Chairman Andrew Jent, Femi’s pledge class, Mu, and many other SAE Indiana Gamma brothers traveled to Jerry Yeagley Field to cheer on their brother.  In the end, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s support would be a major factor in a remarkable 3-1 victory for the Hoosiers. Femi taking ball to da holeAlthough Saint Louis University took the lead 14 seconds into the game, SAE’s undying support led to an equalizer just seven minutes later.  By halftime, IU had basically sealed the win with a score of 3-1. Brother Nick Prewitt said,”Even when the team went down a goal early on, we knew we had to give our full support to get the game turned around.  Once the game was tied, we took our cheering to the next level to make sure that IU could finish it off.”  Although Femi did not tally in the game, his impact was felt greatly, as was the roar of the SAE supporters.

Look forward to a Brother Spotlight on new member Femi Hollinger-Janzen later this weekend.

Group hugPhotos courtesy of Indiana University

SAE Athletics Sports Report

In their third and final regular season match-up in the competitive division of intramural futsal, SAE 1 posted a 12-4 victory over Collins FC.  In a game that saw two members, Kaleb Sullen and Matt Sabens, tally four times apiece, SAE proved to be too much for their opponents on Monday evening.  Sabens, a sophomore in the fraternity, played goalkeeper the entirety of the first half, showcasing his versatility and ability to perform well in multiple positions.  The game was tied 4-4 late in the first half, but the determined squad from SAE proved too much for Collins FC.  Kaleb Sullen sealed the win with a no-look 15-yard rip from the right side.  With this victory, SAE 1 carries an undefeated, 3-0 record into the playoffs, in which they have high hopes of competing at a very high level.  Details on the team’s first playoff match remain to be determined.

Flag Football

SAE Rec also remained undefeated on Monday, as they went home with a 24-0 victory over Delta Sigma Phi.  The win moved the squad to 2-0 on the season, and the team morale has reached new heights after such a convincing victory.  Behind the tireless blocking of Collin Westerfield, quarterback Ryan Scheele’s evening ended with four total touchdowns, including one on the ground.  Although the duo from Center Grove High School has become one of the most feared tandems in the league, other key pieces also shined in Monday night’s shutout.  Brothers David Alchalel and Ryan Schroeck combined for three interceptions, and Schroeck also contributed on the offensive end with a touchdown reception.  SAE Rec’s next opponent will be Delta Kappa Epsilon, in a game that will take place on October 6 at Woodlawn Field.

Collin Westerfield, star lineman recruited out of Center Grove High School.

Collin Westerfield, star lineman recruited out of Center Grove High School.

Player profiles for members of their respective intramural teams will be included in the upcoming editions of the SAE Athletics Sports Report, introducing team members through a series of introduction videos.  We will also update you on how the competitive flag football teams and volleyball team fared in their games later this week.