An Interview with Recruitment Chair

Today I sat down with recruitment chair Noah Roush and discussed the spring recruitment policies and results.

How did you approach the spring rush season?

To us it was incredibly important to find quality gentlemen. Our desire is to find candidates better than ourselves, so we start with GPA and then evaluate if we believe a potential new member will fit into the new chapter.

Would you say spring rush is different from the fall?

There are fewer candidates in the spring and its generally a quicker process, but otherwise everything runs the same.

Recruitment saw some changes made to the voting process this semester.  What are they and did it have a large effect on the overall recruitment policy?

This semester we created a recruitment council with the task of being able to assess and bid new members more quickly than the previous method of a whole chapter vote.  This sped up the process exponentially, but otherwise we kept the same goals for the recruitment strategy.

What was the most difficult part of being the recruitment coordinator?

It’s tough to get everything done so quickly, especially when we have to initiate members after only 72 hours.  We have to meet these guys and decide whether or not they’re true gentlemen very quickly.  The evaluation process can be very stressful and tedious for both sides, but its a key part of the recruitment process.

What’s your overall opinion and expectation of the Nu class?

As I stated earlier, we are always looking for men who are better than ourselves.  I completely believe the Nu class will elevate this chapter academically, philanthropically, and socially.  Because of the TGE, it is essential that we only extend bids to those who we believe will meet and exceed our high standards, and because of this, my expectations will be extremely high for this class and each one after it.

How many new members were initiated in Nu class?

Nu class has 26 initiated members, including four members previously initiated in the winter of 2014.  They are from a variety of different cities and backgrounds, giving us a diverse group of new members.

Whats one piece of advice you can give for the next recruitment chair?

The key to recruiting well is making sure there is a heavy sense of involvement in the chapter.  The more people that can meet a potential new member, the better overall feel we can gather about that person.


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