SAE Initiates the “Nu” class

Last Sunday, February 17, 2015, the Indiana Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon initiated 22 new members into our beloved order. With plans of initiation in the Levere Memorial Temple on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois cancelled due to inclement weather in Chicago, the brothers of the Gamma chapter welcomed in the new initiates in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. With the brotherhood in attendance, the evening began with a wonderful dinner and the excitement in the room was palpable. The 22 new members come from various parts of the country, from New Jersey to California, and all bring a new and fresh mindset into the brotherhood. The future is bright for the chapter and each new group of initiates brings excitement for the years to come.

Nu Class sits and awaits instruction after their initiation

Nu Class sits and awaits instruction after their initiation

Here is a list of all the new initiates, their hometowns, and legacy information.

Name                                    Hometown                                    Legacy?

Evan Baker                        Lincolnshire, IL                                  No

Blake Biesen                    Valparaiso, IN                                    No

Ryan Beck                      Geneva, IL                                          No

George Duffy                  La Grange, IL                                      No

Geoff Ferguson              Cincinnati, OH                                    Yes, Bruce Ferguson (dad)

Andy Foster                    Carmel, IN                                           No

Patrick Hennessy             Western Springs, IL                         No

Joe Krahulik                        Indianapolis, IN                                 Yes, Sam Krahulik (Uncle)

Andrew Krahulik (Brother)

Brian LaManna               Hinsdale, IL                                         No

Sean Marks                   Cos Cob, CT                                        No

Drew Miller                        Bloomington, IN                               No

Michael Montgomery       Cincinnati, OH                                    Yes, Robert Montgomery                                                                                                           (Grandfather)

Evan Morris                   Carmel, IN                                           Yes, Brian Morris (Dad)

Anthony Nasti                 Addison, IL                                          No

Michael Rastovic             Valparaiso, IN                                    No

Jack Rohrer                    Glen Ellyn, IL                                      No

Derek Shireman                Westfield, IN                                     No

Jackson Tomchek           Montclair, NJ                                     No

Dylan Wendel                    Bloomington, IN                               Yes, Charles Spillman (Dad)



An Interview with Recruitment Chair

Today I sat down with recruitment chair Noah Roush and discussed the spring recruitment policies and results.

How did you approach the spring rush season?

To us it was incredibly important to find quality gentlemen. Our desire is to find candidates better than ourselves, so we start with GPA and then evaluate if we believe a potential new member will fit into the new chapter.

Would you say spring rush is different from the fall?

There are fewer candidates in the spring and its generally a quicker process, but otherwise everything runs the same.

Recruitment saw some changes made to the voting process this semester.  What are they and did it have a large effect on the overall recruitment policy?

This semester we created a recruitment council with the task of being able to assess and bid new members more quickly than the previous method of a whole chapter vote.  This sped up the process exponentially, but otherwise we kept the same goals for the recruitment strategy.

What was the most difficult part of being the recruitment coordinator?

It’s tough to get everything done so quickly, especially when we have to initiate members after only 72 hours.  We have to meet these guys and decide whether or not they’re true gentlemen very quickly.  The evaluation process can be very stressful and tedious for both sides, but its a key part of the recruitment process.

What’s your overall opinion and expectation of the Nu class?

As I stated earlier, we are always looking for men who are better than ourselves.  I completely believe the Nu class will elevate this chapter academically, philanthropically, and socially.  Because of the TGE, it is essential that we only extend bids to those who we believe will meet and exceed our high standards, and because of this, my expectations will be extremely high for this class and each one after it.

How many new members were initiated in Nu class?

Nu class has 26 initiated members, including four members previously initiated in the winter of 2014.  They are from a variety of different cities and backgrounds, giving us a diverse group of new members.

Whats one piece of advice you can give for the next recruitment chair?

The key to recruiting well is making sure there is a heavy sense of involvement in the chapter.  The more people that can meet a potential new member, the better overall feel we can gather about that person.

SAE Coaches at the YMCA

Sophomore brothers Ryan Schroeck and Ian Baques took to the basketball courts of the Monroe county YMCA Saturday in their first game of the regular season with their 5-6 year old squad of champions. The two heard of the opportunity in the fall semester, and viewed it as an exemplary opportunity to get involved with the Bloomington community youth, serving as both coaches and role models for the team. The duo were inspired by coach, referee, and senior brother Kaleb Sullen, who has worked with multiple teams at the YMCA across a variety of sports. With encouragement from Sullen, along with a desire to help community youths develop as people and athletes, Ryan and Ian took on the task of running practices and coaching weekly games.

“There is an inexplicable feeling of satisfaction I get when Ryan and I are the reason for kids smiling, laughing, and making friends,” Ian had to say about coaching It’s so rewarding for me to teach the importance of teamwork and unity to kids, and the YMCA allows us to instill these character traits, along with others, early on in their lives. Kids will absolutely benefit in the long run from having this experience at the age of five or six.” Ryan had the following to say about his team, “It’s unbelievably rewarding to see the kids playing basketball just out of pure enjoyment. Watching their faces light up after a shot is made leaves us coaches with such a great feeling, as we know we have played a role in inspiring those feelings. With that being said we have a long season in front of us and it will be a long road to the championship.” Schroeck’s ambitious hopes of a title run may be overlooking the fact that the 5-6 year old division does not count wins or losses.

The first day of games started this past Saturday with the duo’s team, The Magic, facing off against the Celtics. Kids experienced jubilation upon receiving their jerseys as coaches drew up plays and defenses that they felt would work to their players’ best attributes. When Kaleb threw up the ball for tipoff, the two teams experienced an offensive show with the first 3 shots taken by both teams going in. The crowd of parents and friends cheered loudly as the young athletes gave them an incredible showing of terrific basketball. No score was kept, however, it was made clear by the many infectious smiles seen around the complex that everybody had won.

And here are a few pictures from the event.

Brotherhood Spotlight: John Padgett

The first brother of the week for the spring semester of 2014/2015 is John Padgett, a member of the Kappa class.

What attracted you to SAE?

I had a few friends who were in the house, and they told me to check it out.  I wasn’t planning on rushing, but I came out to see them.  I got to meet brothers in the house and felt like it was a place that I could make lifelong connections and thrive in.

What is your intended major?


Sounds interesting. What kind of jobs could you potentially get?

There’s a lot going on in biotech right now.  I could sell medical supplies, go into medical research, or basically do anything in the medical field. Besides be a doctor.

Do you currently hold a position in the house?

I am the incumbent Intramural chair.

What does the intramural chair do?

I sign up all the sports teams for the semester and I motivate the athletes to compete at a high level and bring home trophies.  I have a lot of expectations for the teams and simply won’t accept failure.

What are your expectations for the teams this year?

I expect everyone to their perform at the highest levels, but in reality, I just want them to win.  Winning a championship will cement our legacy on campus and bring more girls over to the house.

Now a few fun questions:

Celebrity Crush? — Scarlett Johannsson. Dime.

Favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? — Duffman.

Favorite building on IU’s campus? — The HPER, because ball is life.

Favorite summertime activity? — Hanging out by the pool.

Best part about SAE? — The people. I get along with everyone and I enjoy being able to interact with so many people every day.

SAE Intramural Futsal: Week 1

After a vigorous preseason, the SAE 1 team faced Real Clark for their first match of the competitive futsal season. Captain Kaleb ‘Ibrahimović’ Sullen with his rather impressive man bun left Clark’s captain shaking at the knees after the captain’s handshake. It was Man versus Child, setting a precedent for the rest of the game.

Shortly after kick-off, after some impressive defending, Cam Shine sprinted down the left wing and powered home a left-footed finish to put SAE up 1-0. It was 1607 all over again for the next few minutes with a British invasion from sophomore Dom Bale, scoring two goals in quick succession, including a stunning right-footed half-volley. 3-0 SAE. Man of the Match Sullen then took over with some silky skills and a smooth finesse shot into the top-right corner. SAE dominated the rest of the first half, keeping a clean sheet with amazing defense from Brennan ‘Sports’ Haug, Ukrainian import Andrew Klysh, and the brick wall Noah Heymann.

After making some key acrobatic saves, keeper Andre Kodanaz handed over goalkeeping duties to Indiana University’s own club team goalkeeper Cam Shine. Real Clark knew this game was going to end ‘Real’ bad for them. The second half was dominated by freshman Jack Duffy, looking very much like the next Yaya Toure with a couple of great goals including a bruising run through the middle of the court ending with a cracking strike into the back of the net. Kaleb Sullen managed to secure his brace with a very similar goal to his first, finishing into the bottom right corner as well as providing the rowdy crowd with some entertaining tricks and a cross into Andre Kodanaz to poach home a calm, confident finish after an intelligent run into the box.

SAE were unfortunate to finish the game off without a clean sheet. Real Clark’s captain managed to pull away from the defense and score a lucky volley from a lobbed pass. Keeper Cam Shine maintained great sportsmanship by not reaching out for a ‘Manuel Neuer’ swinging punch to clear the ball, therefore allowing the opposing player to leave with his teeth intact and a goal on the scoresheet. The game finished 8-1 to Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

In other SAE futsal news, SAE 2 were unfortunate to leave with a 7-8 loss to “Ind. Men Thu” with a few controversial tactical decisions from coaches John Padgett and Jacob Wainwright. Both coaches will be implementing a tough new training regime to turn this team into champion worthy material.

Gamma’s Good Grades

With it being the week of the Super Bowl, the beginning of rush, and people beginning to ask dates to formal, surprisingly the biggest buzz around the house were the grades.

Indiana Gamma’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon achieved a GPA of 3.43, which is believed to be the highest since our recolonization.  The newest freshmen lead the charge with an absurd average GPA of 3.59. Some attribute the jump in GPA to a restructured new member education process; others think it had to do with an emphasis in recruiting academically focused students who put their GPA as a top priority. The thing that is clear is that Indiana Gamma had a group of men that are working hard and getting results from that work.

Brian LaManna, a freshman in SAE, thinks it was a collective effort. “When I joined the house, I saw the example the older guys set in the house in terms of academic achievement, and that inspired me to do the best I have ever done in school.” Also, with so many different majors in the house, people are able to study with each other or seek out help.  Daniel Gushin, a sophomore, helped fellow brother Noah Roush in their financial accounting course last semester. When asked about his helpful style, he had to say “I love to help others. I feel that when I teach someone a subject, I learn it better too, so it really helps out both parties.”

Nick Martell, chapter president, summed up the semester perfectly; “Our chapter has always put a high emphasis on academics with the focus on continuous improvement. This past semester we achieved our highest GPA since our refounding. The chapters persistent effort to uphold the values of the True Gentleman made this terrific academic semester possible.”

With spring rush beginning this week, Indiana Gamma hopes to continue to cement their reputation as a hard-working, smart group of brothers by recruiting new members who share the same drive and focus.