Brotherhood Spotlight: Andrew Jent

For this brother spotlight Ross Cameron sat down with Andrew Jent, the New Member Educator at SAE for the fall 2014 semester.

What attracted you to SAE?

I came from a smaller high school and was the only student from there to attend IU. Knowing absolutely nobody, I tried to make the campus feel smaller, more manageable. Then, during rush, I met a few guys from SAE and it felt right.

What does your role as New Member Educator entail?

My main goals and responsibilities are educating the newest class of members about the fraternity. I believe our fall class has a diverse group of guys which is awesome for a fraternity to have. We don’t want a fraternity full of the same cookie cutter type guys.

What is your passion outside of SAE?

Outside of SAE I love to play sports. I played football and baseball in high school. Now, I really enjoyed playing golf as it fills the void that was created after I stopped playing high school sports, and I am considering a career in it, maybe as something such as PGA professional. I started golfing in high school, but I haven’t had the time to excel at it until now.

Andrew shown here throwing a strike

How are you preparing for a career in golf?

Back home, I work at the local country club on the greens crew in the mornings; this entails mowing the grass and fixing the bunkers. Then, in the afternoon, I work in the pro-shop and help set up the course for any possible tournaments or events for the day. Also, this past summer I had an internship with the Indiana Golf Association, in which I got to travel the state and help set up various golf tournaments.

Has your passion for sports extended into the community?

It has. I actually work with YMCA as a coach for kids. I had a professor tell about the opportunity near the end of my sophomore year and I decided to take the opportunity to coach 5 and 6 year olds with another SAE brother. I really enjoyed the experience so I recently decided to contact the director of the program and am now coaching 11 and 12 year olds.

Some fun questions:

Favorite actor? Ben Affleck

What movie makes you cry? Titanic

What do you fear the most? Heights

Boxers or Briefs? Briefs

Do you collect anything? No


Gamma Gives Back at Indiana University Dance Marathon

Indiana University is well known for its philanthropic activity on campus, and the Indiana University Dance Marathon has become one of the main reasons for this recognition.  IUDM is a student organization that raises money for the Riley Hospital for Children, and this year, participants went above and beyond, raising over $3.2 million.  As the second largest student-run organization in the US, IUDM 2014 shattered the total from the year before by an astonishing $600k.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s involvement in this year’s event consisted of a large upgrade in the amount of participants, as well as in the amount of money raised.  Grant Schultz, a member of the Corporate Relations committee, raised over $17k on his own, earning him the award for the marathon’s highest fundraiser.  Although committee members’ totals do not officially count towards the team’s total, Grant’s representation of the fraternity did not go unnoticed as he received this prestigious award.

Gamma was a valuable member of the Green Team during the marathon, raising over $53k behind the passionate encouragement of Morale Committee member, Ian Baques.  The sophomore constantly expressed his enthusiasm for IUDM and its cause throughout the Fall 2014 semester, and his leadership, as well as the team’s commitment, eventually led to the chapter receiving the award for being the Most Improved Organization.

SAE Indiana Gamma looks to build on a great experience by becoming even more involved in the dance marathon.  Many members of the chapter seek to become committee members during the coming months, with more than 15 committees available for consideration.  With 2014’s edition in the books, Gamma looks forward to what will undoubtedly be another unforgettable experience at IUDM 2015.



SAE Freshman Intramural Basketball Report

For the past 6 weeks, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s new initiates competed in the Intramural Freshman basketball league. The team consisted of 8 freshman led by the emphatic coaching duo of John Padgett and Jacob Wainwright.  The team had a very successful regular season with a perfect record of 3-0, lead by the All-Star, long sleeve wearing duo of Andrew Klysh and Evan Cassidy. The team won in double digits for every game and showed how gentlemen play sports by winning with great sportsmanship.

Freshman basketball duo Klysh and Cassidy in action

Freshman Bball studs Klysh and Cassidy in action

Once the tournament came around, the team had done so well that they received a top ten ranking and had a bye for the first game. The first tournament game went over very well with a victory, moving them into the third round of the tournament. Andrew Cowie and Jack Donahue provided the bulk of the stats, however Cassidy showed off his potential with a deep fade-away three and Klysh continued to put a smile on everyone’s face.

The team unfortunately faced defeat in the next round due to only having 5 available players for the game. The fatigued team gave it their all but weren’t able to come up with the win. The team finished with a record of 4-1, but SAE intramurals gained confidence in the future.