Brother Spotlight: Mitchell Sasseman

Mitch Sasseman, a brother in Iota class, was kind enought to sit down and talk with me this week.

Why did you join SAE?

I didn’t choose to rush in the fall of my freshman year based on preconceived notions about fraternities.  One of my friends got me to come to a rush event in the spring, and I saw potential for change in the house and the opportunity to lead was enticing enough.

What are you main duties at the house manager?

I’m in charge of the basic operations of the house, but more I’m in charge of keeping the house in good shape and coordinating meals, among other things.  I’ve also overseen major improvements under a new house director, including a basketball court and the new fencing project.

You’re in the investment banking program through the Kelley School of Business.  What’s the workload for the program like?

The investment banking program averages roughly 35 hours a week of commitments.  I can expect to do an investment case competition about once a week.  I’ve taken trips up to New York City and Chicago to look at different investing firms and determine which one is right for me.  It’s a lot of work and takes up a lot of my time,  but the employment opportunities and personal development outweigh all the negatives.

What are you expectations for the bike time?

Our goal for the season is to finish among the first pack of riders.  We improved from 18th to 8th last year, so we’re expecting a lot out of the team this year.  We lost three riders to graduation, but the team has enough depth that we can recover and expand on last year’s great finish.

A young Mitchell Sassemen gazing out towards SAE's bright future.

A young Mitchell Sassemen gazing out towards SAE’s bright future.

Some fun questions:

Favorite ice cream: chocolate

Favorite movie: Shawshank redemption

Best concert he’s ever been to: 21 Pilots

Best part about IU: “The foxy ladies”


SAE Brothers Attend IGEL

Dudes at igel

Brothers Nick Loughlin and William Torrez check out the itinerary for the day.

This past weekend sophomore brothers William Torres and Nick Loughlin braved the wilderness of Bradford Woods in the surrounding Bloomington area for the Indiana Greek Emerging Leaders event. Nick, a sophomore from Lambda class, offered his thoughts on this past weekends events.

What was the background of the event?

“The event was basically designed to bring all of the Greek organizations together for a weekend to talk about the differences that are found between the organizations and the unfortunate split that can be found between IFC, PHA, NPHC, and MCGC. In working together with members from each of the different organizations the idea was to have everyone get closer by seeing the opinions of other groups from their perspectives.”

What did they do at the event?

“The event involved taking two members per organization/chapter (Will and Nick) who are looking to take future leadership positions in their own Greek organizations/chapters. The event held many different seminars and workshops that were all designed to make people work together and break down the stereotype that is sometimes found between the social and cultural Greek organizations.”

“What was the purpose of the event?”

“The purpose of the event was too bring together and multiple and extremely diverse Greek communities that Indiana University has too offer. Coming into the weekend it seemed to be a task that was impossible, but at the end of the weekend everyone wanted to continue on with all of the strides we had made. It really showed me that while it may not be easy to completely reverse stereotypes, it only takes one person to make a change.”

What was your favorite moment of the weekend?”

“The entire weekend was really interesting, but I’d have to say that the most interesting thing that we did as a group was a game that can best be described as “Life.” We were broken up into teams and all were given different advantages and disadvantages in a real world application. I personally was on the team that was discriminated against and we found it difficult to do certain things in the game because of the disadvantages we found ourselves at. At the end we were able to see that each team had represented a different section of Greek life at IU and had been able to see the disadvantages that some organizations were faced with. It was eye-opening to see that certain organizations are not getting the same privileges as others.”


SAE Bike Team Update October 2014

Andy on Bike

Bike team captain Andy Krahulik never stops training.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s bike team finished 8th in last year’s annual Little 500.  With the 2015 race quickly approaching we decided to meet with the bike team and discuss their progress.  Team captain Andy Krahulik, Junior, discussed the team’s training during the summer: “We did not have any formal training together this summer, but we each trained individually as much as we could to prepare for this year.”

Krahulik personally trained at the Velodrome race track in Indianapolis, concurrently competing in the Kentucky and Indiana state championships.  He managed to bring back 2 bronze, 2 silver, and 2 gold medals with a team of other Indiana University riders.  Bike team members Stephen Bonica, Mitchell Sasseman, Jake Hartmeister, and Arjun Sridhar trained at their personal training facilities in Chicago, Carmel, and Minnesota respectively.

With the start of the fall semester, the team’s training has become more consolidated and scheduled. “Training throughout this semester has been much more rigorous and cosnsistent,” Krahulik iterated, “We each try to put in around 150-200 miles per week.”  The team does weekly group rides to nearby locations, such as Brown County, pushing each other to get better.

In particular, the captain commented on the improvement of one specific member. “Arjun Sridhar has been very passionate and strong this semester,” Krahulik said, “His improvement is indicative of his work ethic and dedication.  He has proven to be one of our better riders as of now.”

Sridhar and the rest of the bike team members brought their A game to multiple events this weekend as a part of the Fall Cycling Series. On Friday team members participated in individual time trials, then on Saturday the Kirkwood street sprints, and finally culminated the weekend with a team cyclocross event. SAE team 2 finished 12th in the cyclocross event.  SAE team 1 finished 24th  Below are each members results:

Andy Krahulik

  • Time Trial: 2:35.72, 3rd overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:16.98, 16th overall

Arjun Sridhar

  • Time Trial: 2:43.05, 26th overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:17.577, 31st overall

Mitchell Sassemen

  • Time Trial: 2:43.60, 29th overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:16.901, 15th overall

Jacob Hartmeister

  • Time Trial: 2:44.36, 31st overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:17.511, 31st overall (broken chain)

Stephen Bonica

  • Time Trial: 2:46.78, 43rd overall
  • Street Sprints: 00:20.101, 70th overall (broken chain)

All of these events were a good gauge of the team’s training progress, and a look at their growth and potential.  Having lost three senior riders after Little 500 last year, it is up to the younger riders to step up to reach their goal of a top 3 finish in the competition.

The bike team will continue to work hard throughout the semester, and plan to travel to Texas for training over Winter Break.

More updates on the bike team will come later this semester.


Sigma Alpha Epsilon Performs in Zeta’s Big Man on Campus

SAE BMOC TeamOn Friday night October 24th at the IU Auditorium was ZTA’s Big Man On Campus talent show. Every year, Zeta Tau Alpha hosts this philanthropic event to raise money for the battle against breast cancer. Indiana University family, friends, alumni, and local businesses all donate to help support the BMOC cause. Over the last four years the women of Zeta Tau Alpha have raised over $700,000 through the Big Man on Campus event, including over $200,000 raised Friday night. All of the funds raised from BMOC 2014 will be donated to the NFL Pink Ribbon Project and to Dr. Milan Radovich at the IU School of Medicine for his research towards chemotherapy with breast cancer patients.

BMOCThe BMOC event lasted a total of 3 hours and consisted of 24 competitors with a half time show presented by In-Line Dance Studio and a closing act by the male acapella group Another Round. Acts ranged from a singing and dancing routines.

Within the 24 total acts, there were only a few that really got the crowd going.  And finally there was SAE who wowed the crowd with their stellar dance moves. By far, SAE had the best dance routine of the night. Each brother in the dance act had their own solos that electrified the crowd. In addition to the solos, ladies’ man Kaleb Sullen jumped out into the crowd in a wild display of athleticism.

BMOC2In the end; however, SAE’s donation level was not high enough to earn them any placement in the top three, but after the event it was clear they had left their mark on the crowd, many of whom could not stop praising the act.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma was glad to have an opportunity to support a good cause, and show off their special abilities.

SAEs Volunteer at Color Run

On Friday, members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma spent the morning volunteering at the Jill Behrman Color the Campus 5k.  The brothers worked from 9 AM until the race’s conclusion at noon, primarily at the water stations and as guides for the course.  The experience was rewarding for most, as they got to enjoy nice fall weather helping out their local community.  However, one brother was injured during the race as he was stung by a bee while volunteering.  While the bee’s intent is unknown, the brother’s spirits were not wavered, and he continued to hand out water despite this aggravating and terribly timed injury.

The race is done in memory of IU student Jill Behrman, who was killed during a bike ride.  The JB5k is in it’s 14th year and continues to be a big event at IU in the fall.
Color Run 1And now, please enjoy a full slide show of “Selfies Taken with Runners” during the race, by brother Ryan Nelson.

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SAE’s Remember Brother Sajaad Syed at Indiana University Oasis Candlelight Vigil

Sajaad Syed

On August 19th, 2014, the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were shocked when we were informed of the death of our beloved brother, Sajaad “Jazz” Syed.
The news was unbelievable, especially in the middle of the summer, when many of us had not seen each other for several months.  Sajaad had just been elected to the Public Relations Chairman position in our fraternity, and it was difficult to fathom that his incredibly likeable personality would no longer be a feature in our house.  No one could light up a room with laughter like Jazz, and we continue to miss him deeply to this day.

On Thursday, October 23rd, the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma traveled to the Wittenberger Auditorium to partake in the Oasis Memorial service.  Although no event could fully commemorate Sajaad’s life, the men of SAE wanted to show their respect in any way possible. Vigil 1Speakers and musicians commemorated the lives lost, and the event concluded with an outdoor candlelight vigil. Our chapter can never fully say good-bye to our fallen brother, but acts such as these allow us to pay him the respect he deserves.

Although a young man like Sajaad can never be completely forgotten, his departure has only served to strengthen the bonds within our chapter.  Sigma Alpha Epsilon will continue to foster an unbreakable brotherhood, and we hope that nothing like this will ever happen again.DSC_1217


SAEs Give Back by Coaching Local Youths

Andrew Jent helps players understand the fundamentals of the game.

Andrew Jent helps players understand the fundamentals of the game.


Community service has always been a staple of SAE’s Indiana Gamma Chapter, and many members have taken the opportunity to coach children’s soccer at the Monroe County YMCA.  Brothers have been coaching for well over a month in multiple age groups.  YMCA Youth and Adult Sports Coordinator, Chris Jones, has been very optimistic about working with Indiana Gamma for some time, as multiple upperclassmen have a history working with such programs in the past.  Seniors Nate Keyton and Andrew Jent both have previous work coaching in the YMCA’s youth soccer leagues, influencing others to participate this semester.

Brothers of all ages have been thoroughly enjoying their participation in this fall’s youth league.   Rob Payne, a sophomore member who coaches Team Italy in the 5/6 year age group, had great things to say about the program as he explained his experience midway through the season. “I was really excited to get involved with the children in the community when Nate (Keyton) brought the opportunity to our attention.  Since I enjoyed working with children for the majority of the summer and played soccer my entire life, it seemed like the perfect way for me to give back,” he said.

Many members plan to continue their service with the Monroe County YMCA through other service opportunities.  While the youth soccer league still has a few weeks remaining in its season, many positions in coaching different sports will present themselves in the coming months.  With these positions, SAE Indiana Gamma hopes to remain involved with Bloomington’s youth for the foreseeable future.

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