Brother Spotlight: Matt Sabens

Matt Sabens
Why did you join SAE?
I joined because I loved the the sense of brotherhood that I could honestly feel when rushing. I also noticed that the True Gentleman Day of Service was a great idea and really wanted to be a part of it. And lastly I noticed that there was a balance of social life and academic life, because grades are obviously important to me and I noticed that the brothers of SAE felt the same way.
Describe your future involvement plans with SAE.
I plan on really working with alumni relations because without them our fraternity would not be as strong as it now. Along side of working with alumni relations I also really want to help the soccer team make it to the championships.
What is you dream job in life?
I have always liked helping people and my dream is to become a hospital executive in San Francisco.
How do you think the chapter has improved since you have started your life here with SAE?
I believe that we have improved our communication skills as a chapter. Sure we have some hiccups but we know who our brothers are and we have no issues communicating with each other. I love my brothers and am proud to be a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Brother Spotlight: Graham Chumley


Sophomore Graham Chumley (far left) volunteers for Pages for Prisoners in his free time.

How are you involved with Pages for Prisoners and can you describe its mission and purpose?

I am involved with Pages for Prisoners through volunteering in my spare time when I am not working on my internship, homework or other school activities. Pages for Prisoners is an organization that receives letters from prisoners across the Midwest expressing interests in books they would like to read. These letters usually express interests in book genres and also sometimes have stories on the prisoners. These letters are then distributed to volunteers such as myself who select books to send the prisoners based on interests expressed in the letters.

How did you learn about Pages for Prisoners?

I heard about this opportunity from Kyle Schultz and found their mission to help prisoners to be a great way to give back to the Bloomington community. Many prisoners request religious, art design, and foreign language books, which may not be your first thought as to what a prisoner would be interested in reading; however, many of these prisoners are searching for a change in their lives through the books we send them.

What is the coolest experience you have had as a volunteer for Pages for Prisoners?

The most exciting experience I’ve had while working with Pages for Prisoners is learning the process of how everything works. You must teach yourself to walk in the prisoners shoes and understand that these books will be their main source of interest and learning for the next year or so. Although I may never know how well I did at choosing my books, I always feel I have met the requests of the prisoners and have a great chance at enlightening their day.

Brother Spotlight: Tommy Starks

Tommy Starks

Tommy Starks

Why did you join SAE?

I looked up to Mike Rincker and he exemplified the qualities that I was looking for.

Describe your past and present involvement in SAE.

I’ve been the Merchandise Chairman, Brotherhood Chairman, Health and Safety Manager and New Member Educator. My favorite position was New Member Educator because I knew working with the new members was important and would set us up for success in the future.

What is your dream job?

I would like to be the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks.

How do you think the chapter has improved since coming back on campus with the addition of a new house?

I think the brothers are now more focused on the future of the fraternity and our external involvement. I have built stronger friendships with brothers that I’m living with that I normally wouldn’t have.

Where do you see our chapter in the future?

I see us recruiting more true gentlemen into our chapter while promoting academic achievement and philanthropic involvement. We do a lot more good than the media portrays. SAE has changed my life in so many ways and I am excited to how our chapter progresses in the future.