Brother Spotlight: Grant Schultz


Grant Schultz

Year: Sophomore

Major: Management

A member of the Theta pledge class of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Grant Schultz was originally skeptical of the idea of joining the Greek system. After being convinced to come out to rush tables by some friends, he stumbled across SAE. He took notice of SAE’s True Gentleman creed and saw that the values of SAE lined up with his own.

He is a Management major in SPEA, and has been putting his major to the test by becoming an active member of SAE as Health and Safety Manager and Recorder.

Recently Grant and a few other brothers went to SAE’s John O. Moseley Leadership School. He believes the brotherhood can and will only grow stronger now that SAE is back on campus.


Brother Spotlight: Gage Howard

Gage Howard


Year: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Why did you join Sigma Alpha Epsilon at IU?

When I first came to IU as a freshman, I didn’t plan on joining a fraternity. I was much more focused on my grades and figuring out what career I wanted to lead. As I progressed into my sophomore year, however, I thought I might as well give rushing a shot. One of my friends who pledged his fall semester introduced me to SAE and urged me to come to some events to get to know the brothers. The more brothers I got to know, the more I realized how much they valued things like brotherhood, philanthropy, and their creed, The True Gentleman. That’s what stood out to me the most. Every brother seemed wholesome and had his priorities in check. Looking back, I can’t see myself anywhere else. SAE has truly helped me grow into a more outgoing and dedicated individual.

What position do you hold in the fraternity?

I’m currently the Scholarship Chair. My job is to ensure brothers complete their required study hours every week and provide them with opportunities to better their academic performance. This semester I’ve introduced a system that pairs up each brother with a brother with the same major or career path. This system helps brothers motivate each other to finish their homework and do well on their exams. Last semester we received the fifth highest GPA out of all the fraternities on campus. I hope to continue this trend and strive for first in the coming semester.

What other organizations are you involved in?

Along with my involvement in SAE, I am on the marathon relations committee of IU Dance Marathon and am a member of the pre-medical chapter of the international medical fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon. Throughout the year, my IUDM travels around the state helping high schools put on their own dance marathons. We’re also required to raise a minimum of $600 before this year’s IU Dance Marathon. This year we raised over $2.6million. Phi Delta Epsilon was charted last year after an entire year of colonizing and meeting their appropriate requirements. The chapter provides pre-medical students with a strong support group of like-minded individuals, MCAT preparation, and other opportunities such as volunteering and job shadowing.

What kind of doctor do you want to be and why?

If all goes well, I hope to become a neurologist. I’m currently finishing up my pre-medical requirements this semester along with an MCAT prep. course. I plan to take the MCAT at the end of the summer. I want to be a neurologist because I’ve always found the brain and the science behind it fascinating. That, combined with my desire to help people, is the reason I want to be a doctor.

SAE initiates 29 new brothers

1743685_810294078986949_103079602_nOn Jan. 25, the Indiana Gamma chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity proudly accepted 29 new initiates to its brotherhood. The recently initiated brothers had a semester-long pledgeship in which they learned to balance their academic, social and fraternal aspects of their lives, while learning the history and values of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. With the assistance from brothers in the chapter, members of Kappa class spent countless hours building two SAE-themed tables for the fraternity’s learning room. The class built strong relationships that will last forever, through bonding during pledgeship, pledge retreat and spending time at the fraternity’s new house. After initiation, the new brothers of SAE joined committees in order to increase their involvement in the chapter as they seek to uphold the values of The True Gentleman.

Brother Spotlight: Charlie Hoye

Charlie Hoye

Charlie Hoye

Year: Freshman

Majors: Economics & French

Why did you join SAE?

For me, it was a balance between academics and a good social community that was almost like a team.

What committee are you on now, and what position would you like to hold in the future? 

I’m on the philanthropy committee now, and the one job I really want is Philanthropy Chairman.

What was your favorite part about pledgeship?

Pledge retreat, we went in as acquaintances and friends, but when were were done I understood what a brother was.

What is your dream job?

I want to be a lawyer or a judge.

What do you like about moving into the new house?

I really like getting to know other brothers that aren’t in my pledge class better. I understand why fraternity brothers live together, so you really get to know all your brothers.

What do you like to do outside of SAE?

I played tennis since I was young. I did track in high school, and still like to run. I’m in student government as well.

Brother Spotlight: Kaleb Rich-Harris


Kaleb Rich-Harris

Year: Sophomore

Major: Theater

Why did you join SAE?

I joined SAE because I really got along with the guys after going out to different rush events. It seemed like an organization I would like to be a part of at IU.

How have you seen the chapter change since returning back on campus?

I would say the big change I have seen is the chapter seems to be more cohesive now that we are on campus.

How are you involved in SAE and what positions do you want in the future?

I’m involved in the philanthropy, recruitment, merchandise and fundraising committees. I plan to be Philanthropy Chair next semester, and I would like to have a position on the executive council in the future.

What do you do outside of school and SAE?

Outside of school and SAE, I am involved in a lot of plays and films. These plays are either IU Theatre Department productions, or student-made productions. I am also the accountant on University Players, which is a student-led group that creates theatrical opportunities for the students at IU. I am also a communication intern with Ambition In Motion, which is a business my friend is starting up.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would be to have the opportunity to be an actor for feature films in Hollywood. Also, I am thinking of performing on Broadway sometime after that.