Brother Spotlight: Travis Verhoff

This is the first edition of a weekly series called “Brother Spotlight,” in which the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Public Relations Committee will sit down with a brother in the Indiana Gamma chapter. The purpose of the weekly posts is to highlight some of the achievements and goals of the brothers.



Year: Senior

Major: Sports Marketing and Management

What do you want to do after graduating from Indiana University?

Travis Verhoff: I’m not sure but probably something sports-related in sales, sporting good or tickets. My dream job would be to work for the New York Yankees in sponsorship sales.

Why did you join SAE?

TV: I went out for rush, I really liked the guys and I thought it was something I wanted to join.

How have you seen the chapter grow over the years?

TV: The group of guys makes more sense. We were kind of a hodgepodge at first. We were good friends but you made friends with guys that you wouldn’t expect to be friends with.

How has the chapter changed now that SAE has a house on campus?

TV: It has been a change and it hasn’t really. There is very little different from an operational standpoint. It’s the same business as before except we all live together now and we get to see each other more often, which is good.

How was the SAE cycling team’s trip to Tallahassee, Fla. over winter break?

TV: It was good, it was a lot of riding. We rode about 350 miles in six days. It was fun but a lot of work. We have a similar week during spring break but we stay in Bloomington. There’s nothing to do but ride and goof around with each other.

What is the current phase of the cycling team’s training?

TV: It’s kind of an in-between period. We’ve been doing speed work and intervals on rollers. When it’s two degrees like today, we’d freeze to death if we rode outside so we’ll stay inside. The track opens in less than a month and then we’ll ride for two hours per day.

What is your goal for the Little 500?

TV: As a team, to be in the final sprint because if you make it to that point, anything can happen. No one is predicting us to win but with wrecks and guys being on the bikes too long, you have a chance.