SAE Little 50 team nets top-10 finish


For the first time since re-chartering in 2009, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma had two teams qualify for the Little 50 race. 

The SAE A-team was able to post a top-ten finish, placing ninth out of 21 teams and third among fraternities April 14 at the 11th annual Little 50. The A-team was composed of senior Jarrett Smith, junior Patrick Fagan and freshmen Mitchell Sasseman and Arjun Sridhar. 

A prelude to the Little 500, the race consists of teams running a combined 50 laps around the track at the Robert C. Haugh Track and Field Complex.

“I think the crowd really pushed us to the top-10 finish.” Smith said. “It was a lot of fun to get out and compete against the other teams, especially the fraternities. They were all talking about how crazy our fans were after the race.” 

Running in his first Little 50, freshman Mitchell Sasseman said he trained five days per week in addition to team workouts. 

“The track workouts were brutal,” he said. “Everyone had the mentality of pushing each other and striving to always get to that next level.”

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SAE volunteers with UNIFY at Lake Lemon


Girls Club of Bloomington’s Lake Lemon facility with the new greek organization UNIFY. Brothers spent their morning picking up trash, raking leaves, and painting the camp’s facilities.

The Boys and Girls Club at Lake Lemon serves approximately 65 kids per week in the summer and offers activities such as archery, outdoor education, swimming and art programs.

Camp Athletic Director Audrey Halpine expressed her appreciation for the volunteers throughout the event.

“It’s hard to keep this camp clean and safe without the help of organizations like UNIFY; our limited staff in the summer can’t put in all the necessary man hours,” she said. “With continued participation and more events, I’m confident this camp will be a clean and safe environment for the kids in the summer.”

Founded by sophomore SAE brother Brad Boll, UNIFY seeks to build stronger relationships between IU’s greek chapters while serving the Bloomington community.

“Our main goal is to provide service opportunities for the greek community and to try and improve their image,” Boll said. “Our secondary goal is to try and get a better network of houses and make the greek community more of a family.”\

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