SAE spring philanthropy: Dog Derby

The Indiana Gamma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon organizes a large philanthropy event every year to serve the community. This year, SAE is partnering with the Monroe County Humane Association and Bloomington Animal Care and Control (BACC) to put on a homerun derby.

SAE’s Dog Derby will take place April 7 from 1:00-3:30pm at the old IU softball field, located near Foster dormitory on Fee Lane.

The event will include several dogs from BACC and free hamburgers and refreshments. Participants will compete for various prizes by trying to hit the farthest homerun possible, while all attendees can play with the dogs and enjoy the spring weather.

The pre-sale of tickets and t-shirts will end Wednesday, March 27. Participants who want to buy their tickets in advance can either purchase a pre-sale ticket and event t-shirt package for $12, or can purchase the pre-sale ticket by itself for $7. Tickets can be purchased the day of the event for $10.

All proceeds will benefit the Monroe County Humane Association and BAAC.

The derby features two rounds: a qualification round and a final round. The qualification round will last from 1:00-3:00pm. From 3:00-3:30pm, the top 10 participants will compete in the final round. Those that do not make it past the qualification round can purchase additional attempts to hit the farthest home run for $5 each.

The third place finisher will receive Studio Beat Headphones, second place an iPod Nano, and first place an iPad.

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SAE earns 4th highest average GPA in IFC

The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Indiana Gamma have risen to the top five in grades among member chapters of the IU Interfraternity Council with an astounding average GPA of 3.285 from the fall semester. Indiana Gamma came in fourth place, behind Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Gamma Delta, and Beta Theta Pi, respectively. 

This is a huge step for the approximately 90-man chapter considering it has only been re-chartered since 2009.

“We took a hands-on approach, first and foremost, that allowed us to identify problems and then try and find help for those brothers,” said senior Justin Hillman, Indiana Gamma’s fall semester scholarship chair. “I think our current Scholarship Chair Pat Guanciale is doing a great job, and if the brothers want to keep our grades up then they will work hard to get the grades we need.”

Junior Pat Fagan, Indiana Gamma’s president, said he is very proud of his fellow brothers.

“The chapter GPA that we earned this semester is very much indicative of what we are able to and plan to continue to do,” he said. “This was not that big of a surprise to me.  I feel as if we’ve always had the potential to post a strong GPA.  Up to this point we just hadn’t been able to put it together.”

Fagan and the rest of the brothers of Indiana Gamma remain confident in themselves and the future academic progress of the chapter.

“We’re only going to go up from here,” Fagan said.

New Executive Council projects help improve Indiana Gamma

With a new semester already well underway, the Indiana Gamma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and its new Executive Council have big plans, including a few new projects on tap for the rest of the school year. 

One new project is the Membership Positions Project, which involves every officer in the chapter drafting new jobs for those brothers who are not currently serving in a position. 

Once these new jobs were created, brothers had the opportunity to bid for any of the positions that they were interested in, and the new Executive Council then selected brothers to fill these positions.

“The primary goals of this project were to increase brother participation and accountability, increase ownership in the chapter, leadership development, and creating a committee structure for officers,” said Eminent Archon Pat Fagan. “By requiring that all members possess a position with specific criteria and responsibilities, all members can be said to be active participants.”

This new project will help in getting everyone in the chapter involved and help give members without a position an increased feeling of investment in the chapter. 

“This project, although in its first semester, is already having a positive impact on chapter operations and will improve in coming semesters,” Fagan said. 

Another new project that the new Executive Council is working on is the prospect of hosting an Indiana Gamma Leadership School, modeled after the John O. Moseley Leadership School. Mosley created the school in 1935 in an attempt to further the leadership qualities of the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

“I don’t have many specifics yet, but I think that in coming weeks the Executive Council will begin discussing the details associated with this school,” Fagan said. “I envision that this sort of program would be very beneficial in developing young leaders in the chapter.”

With these new projects and ideas, it is sure to be a busy and exciting semester for Indiana Gamma. 


Indiana Gamma gives back at the Boys and Girls Club

The brothers of the Indiana Gamma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon pride themselves on upholding their creed – The True Gentleman – which consists of several rules of conduct that help guide all members.

To satisfy a requirement of this creed, “who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own,” every brother is required to complete at least 10 volunteer hours per semester.

This past semester, Indiana Gamma found a new way to give back to the community by partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Ellettsville, Ind. Brothers were able to visit the club every other Friday, and many members look forward to doing so again this semester.

At the club, brothers served as role models to children from underprivileged households and helped put a smile on their face through games and other fun activities.

Indiana Gamma Philanthropy Chair Grant Pendrey said he gets a lot out of volunteering.

“Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club is fun, self-fulfilling, and productive,” he said. “A large portion of the children we interact with lack a positive male presence in their lives. By volunteering, we serve as that positive male role model.”

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